Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Tender Mercy for the Day

After finding out Dylan's Visa came and he would for sure be flying out Monday morning, I kind of went into panic mode. Yes I do this often. I've flown internationally before and know that finding a pay phone while your running around through customs could prove to be a nightmare. And since the disposable cell phone was an option I set out in a mad rush Thursday after work to get a disposable phone for Dylan to use at the airport. Just remember this is Thursday after 3. I head to Roosevelt and am fortunate enough to get a phone that will work in SLC and Atlanta, GA during his layover. I leave the store and rush to the post office. I had grabbed some shipping stuff from the house before leaving. I package the phone and run into the post office in Roosevelt at 4:30. They close at 5. I was lucky enough to make it there before closing. I know this is my only hope to get that box to Dylan before Monday. I mailed it so I could track it and felt pretty confident that he would get it Friday. HE DIDN'T! I seriously started panicking at this point. Saturday morning I called the MTC to speak with their mail room. Why? I don't know. Wishful thinking I guess. The main mail room hadn't seen the package but they transferred me to the West Campus mail room to see if they had. The young man that answered the phone was so nice. I asked him if by chance there was a way to know if a package had been received for my son. He told me that they receive well over 200 packages a day and would probably have no idea unless someone there specifically remembers seeing it. He asked for my missionary's name. I said "Elder Dylan Lindsay". The man asked "Elder "Dylan Ray Lindsay?" I said "Yes". I told him it was a small black box. He said "I'm holding it in my hands right now." Yep. This momma started to cry. Seriously. What are the chances that is a coincidence. Slim to none I would say. That's my miracle. All the anxiety and stress that had totally wiped me out for two days lifted in one sentence. This nice young man told me he would make sure Dylan would receive the package today. Thank you Dear Lord for your tender mercies.

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