Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Visa arrived in the nick of time

so last night everyone got their reassigments but me. So that was kinda freaky but this morning after I went and set up a doctor's appointment, that I will have later today at 2:45. I dont think I should tell you all this but after last night's class I was like dieing so I checked my temp and it was 102.  So I took some fever reducers and it went down fairly quick.  This morning it was back to normal but I'm still coughing super bad but I'm okay.  Nothing different than my normal sick self ha. But yeah after I went and scheduled the doctor's appointment, I went and caught the travel lady. She was like oh are you Dylan, and I was like yeah. She said she was gunna mail it this morning but she had my travel plans. So turns out I didnt get reassigned my visa just came. So that's cool. I feel bad for Minaga though. He is my Asian friend.  He was the only other elder that didn't get his other than an Elder Church in a different district but yeah. So he is going to New York and then 3 of the sisters, Swan, Westman, and Perry, they didn't get theirs.  So all three of them are going to Califorina. But yeah Calling Card... So I can get one here at the bookstore for like 5 bucks that might do it for me or you can send one.  Some of the people had their parents send them like a disposable cell phone that had prepaid.  Ha so yeah that's an option, or just let me know what you want.  I can get like 2 calling cards from the bookstore here and be set for good.

So as for my flight plans I have to be up and have all my stuff ready to go in front of the chapel here at 6 in the morn and from there they'll give us stuff and I guess take us to the airport. Our flights are all Delta but the first one leaves salt lake at 11 o'clock on the 22nd.

Here this might be easier

Airport                                               Time                                   Date
LEAVE: Salt Lake City                   11:00 AM                              22 Sept
Arrive:   Atlanta, GA                       4:41 PM                                22 Sept

LEAVE: Atlanta GA                        9:06 PM                                22 Sept
Arrive: Buenos Aires                      8:20 AM                                23 Sept

So this lady that came in and talked to us last week said that when she went to Cordoba from the airport in Buenos Aires they just took a smaller flight that was like an hour.  Pretty cool it came on time. I might be checking on my email later today so let me know if you have any questions.

Oh also that shot I got last week was 71 bucks and I paid it in full but they gave me a thing that I can print off and sent to you so the insurance can take some of it. I'll grab that today. 

Hope Your Week Is Grand!!

Love Elder Lindsay10

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