Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

Hello family!

So this week has been pretty good. Not gunna brag too much but the fellas taught me how to use a rubics cube during the nights. Yeah add that to my hidden talents.  And also I'm learning to spin stuff like notebooks on my finger so maybe someday I can brag about that. 

Got another haircut today after we went to the real world and I got a bacon cheeseburger and a hawaiin burger. Yeah I was still starving after. I have lost a few lbs since I got sick but that's the usual so don't worry. I'll say something about my bloody nose just to keep your emotions up. One of my bloody noses was pretty bad.  I like plugged it good and then it started coming out my other nostril and then my mouth!!! Ha that was meant to scare you, make dad shake his head and Devin laugh ha. Speaking of Devin, I heard he died. Make sure he doesn't get too soft dad. 

Well you heard it right. MY visa didn't make it, but that's okay.  I was a little bummed but I think it was just cause the fact that I'll have to pack up and all that jazz again. It will be cool to get to serve in two places though. IF!!! They reassign me. Hope they do ha. 

It was good to hear that you stopped working at the vision clinic.  I know it was stressful so good for you. 

Man oh man I'm already looking forward to a foot massage when I get home!

Spanish is going ight.  I can like tell people little things in lessons and it's pretty cool. Spirit definatly delivers the message cause I'm pretty sure when they say i delivered a concept to them I know it wasn't my words ha cause they are messed up. It's really fun to mess up though just cause it's funny. I accidentally shared a scripture last week with Adrian, our trc investigator, and said if he didn't get baptized then he would be damned.  So yeah gotta be careful ha but he committed so it's all good. 

I'll prolly send a couple things home to you before I leave.  Like my white shoes and stuff.  Please don't throw them away.  That's like my first born ha. 

Yeah I think they just didn't make it to the letters later in the alphabet yet for the visa and so that's why I didn't get it. So yeah everything should be turned in. 

Padre.. Ha I dont think that google translate does the translations right just so you know, pero esta bien. Hey glad to hear you put your foot in the door and said the prayer.  Be careful though you might be the next bishop if you ain't careful. So with the Traveling they wont have them until Thursday or Friday so until then I have no idea.  Ha so start the guessing game again. I freshened up my ball today and man you better be scared.  The holy ghost coaxed everyone of them bad boys in. I Fue en fuego. Better work out to keep little Shaq from powning you. 

Devin.... Hey let me know how gta and what the new games are and stuff. ha That's your job, oh and hey you should get your patriarchal blessing. Hope you keep doing good in sports and don't be afraid of a little criticism from dad. I wouldn't have been half the athlete I was if dad didn't think everything I did was wrong. I just practiced all the wrong stuff until I was good at it, He does know what he is talking about even if he sounds like a dork.  Give it a try and if it doesn't work then don't do it. Just remember he isn't picking on you. If he is talking to you know he is trying to help.  He could be like all the other dads out there and pat you on the head for airballing a free throw or running a 25 min 5k. That crap just don't fly around our place ight. Ha love you dork. You're  getting a nuggy even if your a giant. I hope you grow 15 feet. I haven't lost a fight night yet here so watch yourself ricky bobby. 

Well hey that's about all I have for this week. Tell Gavin congratulations and give Grandma Shields and Lindsay a wave for me. Tell Gma happy birthday.

Good to be able to have this opportunity, it's a challenga diariamente, pero es divertido.

Tell Shonia hello every once in a while. Yeah I went there. No dad girls don't distract me from my mission. 

Ha Love you guys and talk to you later, possible later this week so keep a heads up.

Elder Lindsay 10

Elder Coombs, Elder Minaga, Elder Chaves and Elder Lindsay

The District

The District's last trip to the temple

One day without a shave. 

Loves his American Burgers

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