Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

 Dear Familia

This is just a a reply from all your mail. 

Ha so you might have to teach Devin how to open those gates cause its always been me and Dakoda that opens them and he sits in the middle. I guess he learned the hard way. Even though he has a boo boo don't let him trick you into thinking he is that soft and letting him get out off running or something ha. 

Oh um so I put on another lb so I'm at like 155 now ha whoraw right??

Since you brought up that there wasn't any snakes at the ranch I have a few snake stories. First Randy's letter today he told me that he seen this big 6 ft black snake in Tampa ha and said it was super fast... HAHA I bet he about crapped his pants:'D The other snake story is that there is a place here at west campus that we call the garden of Eden.  Like the second day we were here we were going to study and me and my companion seen a baby water snake. Then here a few days ago i guess these kids were chasing around a bigger one. So I'm pretty sure it is Satin in the garden. I think it was the same one just all grown up. Ha kinda reminded me of when Shonia screamed about that one when we were running but yeah thats my snake stories.

Man I miss shooting bows. Make sure Devin knows to enjoy all that stuff while he is young cause us old guys have a har...... Wait a minute thats just dad.. Nvm we have a while Devin.. Ha

Um I would also think that if there is anyway you could get some of those swoop necked mesh garmets that would be awesome. Now that I'm kinda filling out they look better on me haha. Yeah that's why I didn't like them. And I think I'll like them alot when I'm in Argentina. 

So my companion got sick all last week and so we decided to take him to the doctor on Saturday and since the campus doc wasn't here we got to go off campus to the medical center and then to a pharmacy... BEST DAY OF MY LIFE ha it was so nice to be in the real world for a little while. 

I do have some spiritual news for you as well. 

So last week I think around Thurday night I was feeling pretty down. I didn't know if I was worth God's time to be here just to struggle with language and not to know the doctrine all that great and I was just depressed. It really wasn't like me. So I prayed and just figured that it would be like any other prayer and not much of an answer would come. Well that next morning I got up and read my patriarchal blessing and went to class. Our teacher Sister Williams was definately the answer to my prayer. Everything I asked for in my prayer she covered. She didn't even mean to. So I know that God answers prayers. One thing we talked about was that when Jesus was suffering in the garden he was in so much pain that he didn't love the people at that very moment.  He wanted God to remove to cup. But after he was kinda like well this is Gods will so let it be. That's kinda when I was like well this is God's will and even if I have doubts my reason to be here is good enough so yeah little curveball there. 

And this part is for dad.

So that same night we had another testimony meeting. Earlier we had talked about how there are angels here at the MTC and with us on our missions. I had kinda been thinking about when Ryan told me he felt grandpa was with him in some of his lessons he was teaching in the field. Well I really believe that Grandpa Bob was with me that night. The only time I have seen you tear up was when he passed away and I mean i didn't know grandpa I was a little butt head. But for some reason I had a really strong love for him and i just started crying. I mean it was a manly cry of course but yeah just had an impression that he is always with us so watch out.. Might kick your butt one last time.

Well I had lots more to say buuuuut I kinda forgot ha, oh yeah so pkgs.... Mesh swoop neck garments and 2. maybe some drinks.... I am really disliking this city water..... ha or maybe just like crystal light to put in it. Ha or gatorade.

OH yeah!!! So people ive seen.
I seen Cassy Gardner today for the first time. She has been here since the 6th go August. I'v seen Jake Simkins, that George Ady, and also the Tuckers.... I think Mrs. Seeleys parents.

Let me know how Devin does in sports and how Dakoda's doing and you two old folk.

Love you

Elder Lindsay 10

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