Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

 Dear Madre and Familia

   So you asked about the packages you are sending. They are stupendious. If that means like terrific and such. But thank you a ton for those. Some pcks don't last very long because yeah thats just the result of 6 boys though.  I keep some of it for me.  Thanks a ton for those ha I really enjoy them. Um I don't know of anything I need! The only things I'd have to say are wants. Like maybe more ties. The other elders in my district each have like 20 ties but I mean I have enough prolly for my entire mission so yeah not a big worry. 

One of my shirts from mission mall kinda i guess you could say broke. The neck thing that the button is hooked to came unsewn and its like in the collar not on the outside where i can get to it so i was wondering what to do... Kinda a bugger.

Oh and i got some scripture tabs and little things I needed and I used my card so yeah just making sure there is money on it ha.

So Friday night there was this huge storm that came by and it lasted all night and when we all woke up there was water on the floor of my room and the room across from ours but being the lucky stag I am... Not a single thing of mine got wet ha. Everything pretty much of my companions got it good though so I'm pretty blessed. One apart. had 3 inches in their room when they woke up haha.  I find that hilarious for some reason. So we ended up moving Saturday and it was a plus cause it's a lot closer and yeah cool beans. Itss still the bottom floor and stuff but hey it's closer. 

Oh there is a kid from North Summit that ran the 400 m against me a few times and he played foortball and he told me today how the game was haha 40-0 about???  That sucks though. Hope they keep the team after this year. Have the other doe brains in the house send me something. Let them know I'm not dead ha. 

I haven't seen the Markert girl around yet but I've seen Jake Simkins last night during dinner. I also seen that George Ady kid. Ha he is in the main campus and has been there 5 weeks and has about 4 more so im glad that isn't me haha. 

Spanish is getting harder. I think it's just the demand we have to speak what we know but it'll work out.

 Thats all i can think of now ill send you pictures of that shirt and stuff

Love you all

Elder Lindsay 10

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