Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014

Well mission is going grand. We have taught a pretend investigator. She is a member but playing an investigator. We have taught her 3 time so far in Spanish. The first time was kinda weird because my companion wanted to just take over and I didn't really get to say much. I mean not that that I knew Spanish but it went a little not so good ha. But the other two were pretty good. I talked or tried and I got my message across through lots of hand gestures and few words ha. She laughed whenever I talked so it was good. We also had to start praying in Spanish the second day we were here. So yeah that's where they mean they put you right in the language. Also our teacher only talks Spanish. So at times its frustrating, as in the first few days. I had a pretty bad headache from concentrating so hard. But I kinda just like they said relied on God and wabam!! Ha i don't have as hard a time.  Like I pay attention but I don't have as hard of time understanding what he is saying and I'm catching on quick. They call me Elder Fuego.  That means like I'm on fire. Its fun! I can't read Spanish worth a dang. It's like I'm in preschool again when I try to read ha. I just have more comprehension. Well a little anyways. It's challenging but i really enjoy how hard it is, idk why. So I'm kinda the kid that everyone laughs at and everyone likes. We have this competition thing that for every weird thing/talent we have we get a point and with all my weird things I do I'm at like 8 and the next highest is like 3 ha. It's not really an official thing. We just got bored in class and said that.  So yeah its good I'm wierd haha. So during gym the first day we didn't go cause I had to go check on my immunizations and that took like 2 minutes but we had to wait 30 min for the bus to come back. Yeah that was terrible but the next day we played volleyball and that was super fun!! We will for sure be pros after the MTC, CCM in Spanish. The next day we went and played b-ball and it was fun but not near as fun with their rules and also Elder Minaga rolled his ankle. Yeah i know cool it wasn't me huh!!! But so we will prolly stick with volleyball. Well mother the food is good ha west campus doesn't have as much variety but I think the food we get is better than the food they serve at the main campus. We ate there today because we went to the temple which was superb.
    Oh and you guys can send all the time from that dear elder thing. Thats the best thing in the word to hear from you guys. Kinda makes the others jealous ha.  I'm losing in the mail department.  Some of the sisters have lots more than I do. One of the sisters is Sister Dennis. Her uncle owns the vet out in roosevelt maybe??? let me know on that one! And also there is a Sister Schults that knew the Richardsons. My companion is Elder Chiarolanza, Chair-o-lawn-za, thats how you pronounce it.  Me and Elder Coombs have photo battles ha.  That's why there are so many pictures of him and also I'm our model for photos so yeah thats cool. Other than sitting in a class 9 hours a day thats about it ha. But yeah crazy stuff. Hope all is well back home. Don't let devin get away with anything!!! Oh also I get made fun of for my basin slang ha. It's prolly just cause i cant talk haha. Say hello to the family for me and let them know I'm doing fantastic.  I'll talk to you fellas later
Lots of love
Elder Lindsay10

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