Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Whats up Mother, Mom, Lady that I love?

Hey so yeah we were at the Lencina's for a bit last night and seen them this morning before I left. They said you talked to them so that's pretty cool. They are pretty awesome! I'll miss them for sure. But like they said I am in Cordoba.  I went from the smallest area to one of the biggest. It's called Las Flores.  It's in the South of Cordoba. It's the church we go to with the whole mission. Ha so it's the biggest Capilla in the mission. 

I was pretty sad to leave Elder Curtis.  He is a cool kid. I'm with Elder Shelton now. He has the same time in as Elder Curtis with like 19 months. He has a sleeping thing, insomnia.  Ha so we will see how that goes.  Today at like 6 we need to go to the hospital because he has bad kidneys too.  

But hey our pensión is prolly smaller and without a washing machine.... Ha but there are members that do our laundry so I guess we will see how that goes too.

Oh so yeah I think I was pretty dehydrated yesterday. We went and ate at this place and when we were walking back I felt like super light headed and some other stuff but long story short, I'm okay now.  I will just drink more water.

That's awesome Rylee got his call.  Ha hey tell him he will have to be an OKC Thunder fan now.  Freak yeah that's where it's at. But also it's ight he's in states.  It'll still be fun. Nothing like being in Argentina but every mission has its perks and downfalls. Just means something is waiting for him in OKC.

Mission is going good.  Still with greengos but hey I mean maybe God ain't worried about my Spanish idk ha but I love it. Thanks for the happy birthday wish.  I'll go cash that for a baptism or something.

Hey wish dork a happy birthday.  Oh and just wondering when that question will pop up with him and his girlyfriend ha but yeah happy birthday to that dork.

Well hope everything is going good at home.  We will get to go to the church and play some ball and watch a movie, so I'm pretty pumped about that.  Oh.. we have weights in the pensión too so Imma get swole haha prolly not but we will try.

Love you guys have a safe week.
Elder Lindsay 

Oh hey yeah my comp is from Utah too ha so yeah another one bites the dust.

The Chapel

Our Church in Almafuerte

Claudia's wonderful familia

Claudia's son.  Waiting for his mission call.

Got the freezer defrosted just in time for transfers.

Elder Mitchell from Vernal

Last picture with Elder Curtis

New companion.  Elder Shelton

The sandwiches he's been eating in Almafuerte

Weird butterfly/dragonfly bug

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