Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Momma

So I got the ol birthday packages this week.... I am honestly super excited to make some cake ha and as for those socks.... yeah those were the best as well. I have proselyted in the Jordans a few times already ha. Thanks a ton for that. We will get some cake in us as soon as we all feel a little better. Weather changed pretty fast the other week and I think that's what gave us all this little cold. I ate some ceviche, aka raw fish just cooked in lemon acid. I think that could be a little bit of the reason I started to get sick and now its just a normal sickness. 

Mission is going good. This lady came to church this week and just sat by herself.  None of the members or us missionaries invited her and so I was like freak yeah.  I went and put a baptismal date with her and she's gunna get baptized next week.  At least that's the plan. Her name is Meli or Meri. I couldn't understand her really and she has a little 2 month old boy named Luca. Haha  I was sitting by her during Sacrament and then BAM feed that baby. Ha yeah yesterday was national breast feed your baby day soooo yeah. I'm used to it, but yet do you ever get used to that? lol

Ha anyways hope your knee surgery goes good and clean and if you are laid up in bed you can always watch conference all day ha That's something we should have prolly done more of but then again we did get a lot of projects done haha.

Ight hey love you guys and be safe.
Elder Lindsay 10

(Dean's letter)
Hey pops, 

This might have to be fast. Learning that work ethic pays off.  We had a service last week and it was fun working with the city kids.  We had to dig these holes down a little further.  They were at 3 feet already.  I had three down and cleaned by the time they had finished one.  But yeah we are working a fool here.  We found some other potential baptisms but that doesn't mean anything unless they keep progressing so we will see how it goes. 

We eat almuerzo everyday.  If not I ask around and we get some so it's all good.  Ha freaking march madness.  I remember when I was a want to be... ha jk I wish I could fill one out. Hey tell goober hello when he comes out with his redhead. Might have to ruff him up a little. Tell mom goodluck for me and hey we will be skyping in like a month and a half so be ready ha. I have actually lost some weight, my pants fit a little better and yeah i think ive lost like 8 lbs but thats just guessing ha. 

Hey love you dude, and be safe.
Elder Lindsay 10

Got his packages.  HAPPY DAY.

Elder Lindsay's random leaf art. 

Elder Castro from Columbia

Elder Lindsay and Elder Shelton on pday.  The hand sign is like the way of saying cool, capo is the actual word.  It's an Argentine thing.  It's like the hang loose sign but the Argentina one. :) 

Couldn't resist picking this flower. 

Loves his skittles.

We all know the way to his heart.  FANCY SOCKS!

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