Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Hola mom

This week was pretty good. Except we didn't end up baptizing Mary. We are gunna go see her soon so we can get a date set.  She is 23 by the way and lives with her dad.  Her parents are separated. During conference this family brought along a friend and he really liked the church.  I think we might be getting him baptized soon too.  His name is Alan, pronounced Allen. Mas o menos. 

We watched all of conference in Spanish but yeah igual fue español. That family that sent you the pics, ha I didnt even know they sent you them until Sunday.  Maybe you could try to write in Spanish to them.  They can't translate.  Then she could write you back something too.

Aw freak yeah that's awesome! I had no idea that Claudia's son got his call. He is a cool kid and he will be a great missionary.

Ha mom sounds like you're a little doped up. lol  Hope your leg gets feeling better.  Good to hear you're still alive.

So today for pday we had a zone activity in this sick paintball place.  It was the coolest paintball place I have ever been. Those Call of Duty games that I played... Identically as fun ha it was awesome. Our team won about every time!  Every time but one but yeah that's how it was today. We have to go to a families house today in la villa.  I think they are one of the ten lost tribes. If we are lucky we will have like 15 baptisms from this one family.  But we will see.  They are a cool group`of people. Oh also in the break between sessions me and Elder Reber went and cast out a demon at this house. The things the family were saying were the kind of things that happened on that paranormal activity movie, which I obviously haven't seen. lol But yeah we went and dedicated the house and so far haven't heard anymore stuff ha but yeah that was kinda a cool experience.

Ight so thats where we are at right now. My comp is still my comp. Transfers are in like 2 or 3 weeks idk ha it's passing by so fast I try not to pay attention to that. But yeah that's how it is. Last few days were hot and then during conference it rained.

Ill send some pics now but good to hear from the crew, stay safe and chao
Elder Lindsay 10

Amazing families in Argentina.
They don't get more handsome than these two.
Elder Lindsay
P-Day Fun
P-Day Fun
P-Day Fun

P-Day Fun

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