Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hola Mama Mia.

Hey hope everything is going good with the knee.  If it's anything like the ol' rolled ankle, the more you're on it the faster it will heal ha but que se yo.

I don't know anything about the skype yet for Mother's Day but for the temple I know we will go through it once with our investigators.  After that idk if we will get to go through for the dedication. We will get that figured out here soon.  I still don't have my recommend so I hope the Mission Pres will answer my emails haha. 

But yeah the mission is going good, still have my reloj, watch.  So that's all good.  I haven't been robbed so other than if other elders steal stuff I'm good. So yeah the school year is going bout as fast as the mission. Today I'm at 8 months and it feels like I've only been out a few weeks ha.  Yeah goes goes by pretty quick. 

As for my sickness, it's all gone.  I just have bloody noses all the time, ight like some mornings but igual. So as for the work, we have this girl named Cristina.  She is freaking golden.  She is 12 and is prolly gunna get baptized  the 25th and then also this Saturday we plan on baptizing Mary. They are all pretty cool. I feel pretty good about them.  They are the peeps I found and taught since I've been here.  My comp really didn't have anyone. We have started from the bottom and now we are here. 

I'm pretty short on words today ha but hey love you guys. Let me know how the family is doing.

Elder Lindsay 10

Happy 8 Months Serving the Lord.

Oh how I miss this face. LOL And his many many voices at the dinner table. :) 

The Rain Rivers of Argentina
Service Project


Glad to see he still knows how to use a shovel.

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