Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

What up mom?  So just while it's on my mind..  that mission that Devin Adams is going to is where Goode boy is at.   That's awesome maybe they will be comps. 

Ight so for this transfer turns out.... I'm Gunna Be A Dad!!! Ha I'm gunna have a son in the mission mom! So yeah until Wednesday I will be working with Elder Coombs in his area and then me and him are going to the mission home together Wednesday to get our sons. Yeah it's crazy.  I don't feel ready to be training another missionary but I guess we will see how it goes.  I heard there are like 16 Latins coming in so unless they are just lying it up I'll be training a Latin. Man this next transfer will be a learning experience for me for sure. So yeah pray for the little dude ha. 

We didn't have the baptsisms.  The one lady wasn't really straight with us and has a boyfriend that she lives with... ha and then we are still working with Alan and Cristina. They are both super cool.  They just have their parents. Well Cristina does.  Alan is pretty dang chosen. 

Sounds like everything is going good with you folk. Ha it's still pretty dang warm here.  Makes me jealous to see the coats on. Someday I'll know what that's like. Looks like Devin will have a fun birthday.  I remember having games on my birthday. Felt like those were always the best ones, but I don't know.  I've had some killer birthdays. Like this years ha. 

Freak sounds like Dakoda had a ruff week.  I mean taking a taxi to someones house and them not wanting to go to church and then having to pay to go back for nothing is kinda stressful but shoot college exams man.  That's like trying to convert a j dub man. Ha but hes a smart kid if he fails I mean not like its gunna ruin the rest of his college.... Oh wait yeah it will. Ja no tell him good luck from Argentina.  Just if he takes the exams from 1 to 4 he wont have any cause everyone is sleeping the siesta here. 

Well shoot good to hear the crew is doing alright. Don't know a lot about what's going on but love you peeps from down deep. Never forget to pray, especially now cause Dev is on the roads.

Love you guys,
Elder Lindsay 10

Hanging with a cool dude!

Cool Cordoba Art.

Elder Lindsay and Elder Dos Santos

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