Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey Mom!

So it sounds like everything is going good.  Man already walking up stairs ha that's crazy man! Hope it gets better fast.  Good luck with the kids at school. I should have done better but sports were on the mind not school so yeah kinda messed up there. 

Ight in reply to your questions. 

Alan is golden.  We took him the the temple Saturday and it was awesome.  He has a date this Saturday to be baptized. Christina is cool too. She knows  everything is true and stuff.  We went and picked her up for church.  She loves it but her mom won't let her get baptized. So yeah and also a miracle. So that  Mary that we were teaching and she ended up being with someone... Yeah well she isn't anymore and she came to church!!! She is awesome!! She was like yeah he didn't want to get married and I wanted to get baptized.  ha so mira voz she will be hitting the waters! Its awesome to see little things like that. 

My new comp is awesome. His name is Elder Aldas from Ecuador.  He is a convert as of 2 years and is 24. He is a cool dude.  Can't wait to baptize with the kid.

As of now I have no idea about Skype.  I'll let you know next week. The ZL´s have a meeting today so I'll know tonight. Hey I know this is short but don't worry we will Skype here soon. 

Love you guys and have a safe week.
Elder Lindsay 

Cordoba Argentina Temple
The day Elder Coombs and I became DADS (Trainers).

My New Son - Elder Aldas from Ecuador

The New Group of Trainers

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