Monday, May 4, 2015

May 5, 2015

Ight mother this might be short but hey love you igual

So the comp is going good.  He falls asleep sometimes so I might pour some ice cold water on him haha.  It's pretty dang fun/funny. Ha this pension is a freaking blast when we aren't doing anything. Like just random stuff always happens and yeah ha I have videos so you guys will know.

As for the baptism, got Elder Aldas hooked up with Alan.  Yeah buddy felt nice to get him a baptism. Now we will go to work a ful ha.

He is a cool dude.  He pretty much is a dentist just faults like an exam and he has it.  He wants to go to BYU so I'm helping with Ingles and him me with Spanish. So it's all just tranquilo now.  We went to the temple with the Familie Zelada. That was pretty dang....... yeah idk ha the trip with the little kids was crazy but it was super spiritual when we got there.  I can't wait to check out temples at home.  The creation room reminds me of our mountains.  It's super similar and yeah just might be our mountains.

Well hey for skype I think we will shoot for lunchish, if not then before.  If I can I'll call and give you a heads up. Ha just have the fam and Shonia on speed dial ha.

Love Elder Lindsay 

PS Wish goober a happy bday for me 

Having an amazing time visiting the temple with Familie Zelada.

I walked right into THIS.

In the Center with our Sign.

Elder Lindsay LOVES the children!

Elder Lindsay worked so hard to set Alan's baptism up for Elder Aldas.  I think he actually felt like a proud father.

Passed out 3,000 cards at the Center during the day.

With Elder Aldas

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