Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey mom,

Ight so this week was pretty eventful. The first of the week we had these intercambios cruzados they're called.. it's like where any Elder goes with any Elder pretty much.  I was with an Elder Lopez from Mexico. He is a little crazy but I did learn from him. Since Elder Biggs I haven't really had a super good example so it's kinda just been like me going around with them and stuff but I figured that if I keep that up I'm not gunna be the missionary I want to be.  So this last week I just changed and it was cool. In the lessons I do most of the animating and talking and getting people what they need and I feel like we are doing a ton better. We have been working like a fool this week and I noticed that a ton of the members here don't even really know my comp who has been here for 3 months.  So I mean I think this will show him how we should be working too. 

Anyways something cool that happened was we were in this lady's house, Ana, and we were talking to her trying to see what she needed. And then both me and Elder Shelton both felt strong impression that we needed to give her baby a blessing. The baby is deaf by the way. But so while this lady was breast feeding her baby, haha it was kinda awkward, but we gave this baby a blessing. Now I was thinking that we were going to heal this baby right there but I ended up anointing the baby and Elder Shelton game her the blessing. In the blessing he asked that the docs could find a way to help the baby. Anyways long story short we came back the next day and she said the doctors think they can put a implant in to help. So yeah I thought that was a pretty cool milagro. We are working a fool trying to get some peeps to be baptised. Ha now that I've kinda taken over. Not really taken over but like I'm the one doing all the stuff. But anyways I've just kinda got this little fire to get some baptisms. But yeah that's where it's at.

As for the weather we just started fall so it's cooling down here. It is pretty nice. My shirts, a few, are starting to get a little yellow in some spots ha but here we have a member that washes them.  Haha sucks for her I know. But we go without the clothes for like 4 days so I kinda have to try to not over use them. Ight this is kinda just a long blob so I'll send it and then some pictures.

Love you and let the family and friends know I'm alive and yet to get robbed, bitten or poop my pants. Ha Those are the 3 things that they say happens to a true missionary ha so until then I'm a fake I guess.

Ight love you and chau

Elder Lindsay 

Someone lived here.  Their house blew down.

Central Cordoba

Central Cordoba with Elder Shelton

Nasty Soccer Blister

The New Living Space.
(Dean's letter)

Hey so this is the Elder Son talking.

So this week was pretty good.  We did see a bracket of the line up before they started playing but that's crazy they are over with.  Yeah anything can happen in sports. Like a freshman taking state. Tell me that wasn't crazy. 

Ha shoot sounds like you guys are just buying toys now, The camera sounds pretty cool and then the camper shell ha that's funny. I didn't think you would buy my truck a shell but thanks I'm sure when I go camping I will use it. 

This week was a good learning week for me.  So this whole week it's like I'm just here solo listening to a kid talk about video games. It gets frustrating sometimes.  But yeah it will help me a lot.  I feel like my comps have been pretty bad since Elder Biggs. Like they are cool yeah but with the work they aren't helping hardly at all.  But this transfer is different.  It's like my transfer to change and so yeah I'm learning a lot. I do pretty much all of the talking in the lessons.  It's cool.  It's one of those other challenges that I like. But yeah this week I put down 3 baptism dates.  They have to get married but hey at least I'm getting people somewhere.  I don't want to just be in an area and not help anyone. So yeah we have 5 couples we are working on getting baptized right now and a couple other peeps that are looking good for baptism. 

Ight there's the mission part. Ha keep me updated on what else you guys buy and how Devin does in track. I also herd that Nikole is getting married. That blew my mind. But yeah keep up the family stuff and tell granny happy birthday for me. 

Oh hey and also the 21st was the first day of fall here so yeah we will start getting cooler finally. 

Ight pops. Talk to you later old man stan 

Elder Lindsay 

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