Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey hope all is going great this week for you peeps.

This week was a great building thing for me.  Like I was saying earlier, my comp Elder Shelton, he has insomnia.  IDK if he doesn't like to work of what but I kinda feel like a dad ha. I have been doing all the contacts and everything. This will prolly be a rough transfer but hey I love a challenge ha. 
So as for my birthday week we went and did some services for this Peruano family almost everyday for a little while. It's awesome because we get done and are like ight we need to go and they flip out and are like no.  No matter what, you are eating before you leave.  So they fed us some dinners. They are awesome! The lady was having a baby shower on Saturday so that's why we were helping clean up and move a bunch of big stuff. There is an older grandma that lives there that makes the food. One night when we went to eat we were all sitting there and she went to sit down.  We heard this cat scream super loud hahaha she had sat on it.  She stood up and just threw it ha when you see the pics of her you have to imagine her.  It was so funny.

But the new area is good. We didn't have any investigators in church but we had 101 people there.  I had the introduce myself and I kinda freaked out because there was so many people. I'm use to like 10 to 15 people at church ha but it was cool. 

Right now the weather is pretty warm still. My nose is red again. I'll prolly have cancer for sure. Ha but in like May it will get colder they said.  It will start to cool down more by the end of March though I think. It rained the other day and was pretty fridged.

Dear grandma Shields... YOU'RE THE BEST ha some of that money will prolly go towards scripture cases. Ha love you!

So the area here is a little more dangerous. Ha now that's what you wanted to hear. But I won't have money or stuff with me so it's not that bad if I do get robbed.  The other elders in our pension got robbed of like 62 pesos the other day.  2 guys just pulled up and had a gun. That kinda stuff happens here a lot, so I'll just be smart and try not to beat them up. There is this very villa place called Hogar 3 that is dangerous. Ha but don't let that bug you. I'll just baptize the robbers.... in the dirt... with my fist. No but I'll let you know if anything happens.

Well that's where we are at now. Ha oh yeah soo Elder Coombs is in my district too.  That's pretty cool news for you.  We don't do a lot together but maybe we will go on exchanges here soon and work together.  That would be awesome. 

Hey love you guys and hope the best for the old longhorns in track.  My work outs have gotten pretty good here.  We have weights so I'm getting pretty swole. Ight that's all for this week.  

Love you guys.
Elder Lindsay 10

This is one cool dude.

My birthday night!

Ha, I have a dog too.

My birthday cake.

The birthday crew

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Someone lives here.

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