Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016

This last week was the last week. Mee and Hansen got split up. The last week together he got this little infection thing in his eye and it started swelling shut. Ha I got to put his eye drops in haha. It looks a lot better now but it looked pretty painful for a few days.

I never got the birthday stuff.  It's been taking longer the past few times.

A few cool announcements are that we will be made a stake here.  It's been a district forever and we are finally gunna be a stake. The 7th or 8th of May they will have the conference.  So I've seen the creation of a district and now I will see a stake.  Pretty lucky to get to see that. Also we set our alarm for 4 in the morning Monday to go to Cordoba for a conference.... and me and Hansen both woke up to my other alarm at 6:30 jaja worst feeling ever.  So we got to the conference late. First time in the mission that that has happened and it'll be the last. I felt terrible.  Right when I walked through the door it was my turn to share. Ha so I walked in and opened my book and presented. Pretty sure there is a big lesson in that that I will learn one day haha right now it's just a face palmer. 

My new comp is Elder Pryor. I'll give more details next week.  He is cool. He has my time and one of the few African Americans in the mission. I'll train him as a ZL this transfer and then prolly be heading out of BellVille. We will see.

Hey love you and hope everything is going good for conference, super pumped, it'll be my last one in Spanish so best be good.

Love you 

Elder Lindsay 

Elder Hansen wouldn't let me put a band-aid on it, so i used it
Found some Street Art

Elder Hansen's eye got infected
From facebook post.

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