Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Hey mum

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Haha you guys should see One Good Man if you haven't yet.  Sounds like that is what will be going down at home a little bit with dad. Also good to hear Dakoda got the job.  Give him a nice pat on the back and like they do here, a kiss on the cheek.

This week was a pretty normal week. I wrecked on my bike cause the handle bars broke haha.  My comp will say I was going slow but I swear I was going like 40KPH -crazy fast. Also the weather here changed a lot. We woke up like 4 days ago and it was cold and rainy and since then it hasn't changed.  I was kinda sick Saturday, like my equilibrium was off or something and when we were going to lunch Choyo asked us to go buy a drink and walking down the stairs I fell TWICE!! Elder Hansen was dying and also this dude chilling at the bottom haha so was I.  But for reals the steps were like 2 inches long and I have giant shoes on OF COURSE I'M GUNNA FALL ha but I'm alive.

Yesterday at church it kinda hit me how close we are to listening to President Monsen talk again. Didn't realize how close April was but made me think of what we were studying in Mark the other day. Out of all that there is to learn about the atonement I think just knowing how much the Lord loves us is one of the biggest lessons. The way he reacted when he was SUFFERING and gets back to see his disciples sleeping on him. I don't think anyone will ever realize what he did for us or how he did it and for that I think it makes it that much more important to share and dedicate your life to being his disciple. I think that's also why I'm looking forward to listening to the Prophets and Apostles here soon. They understand a ton of stuff and are a lot more like Christ than I am haha so there are a bunch of things to learn.

Hope everyone has a good week and I'll talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lindsay-cito 

PS got a virus so no pics this week

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