Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016

This year the birthday fell on a Sunday so we couldn't go out to any boliches but we did have some cake at Gaston Reynoso´s house. Idk if you know this but here in South America they don't have a bunch of money.  So "to make you feel good on your b-day" they break an egg over your head, throw flour in your face, and your face goes into the cake. Ha I only got the egg over the head but hey I'm ight with that.

During the week we went to Cordoba for the conference and capacitated. Our group was definitely the best haha.  They understood  what we were talking about so I guess 20 pats on the back will do instead of birthday spankings. Also we went to do baptismal interviews in Marcos Juares. I interviewed Agueda.  She is in her 60s and can't read or write.  But she can listen and she has paid attention to the missionaries.  She will be getting baptized here soon.
Sunday Walter came to church again but we have to talk to his mom.  She is the only reason he isn't a member yet. She doesn't think someone under the age of 15 can make a decision like that yet cause they change a lot when they turn 15. Also Martina came to church.  She is praying for the 26th. También Nicolas. He wants to get baptized but when his wife wanted to get married he didn't and now when he wants to to get baptized she won't haha.  So we need to help Doris understand that he loves her and wants to be together forever. Those were the peeps in the church this week.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and everything else.
Hope this week is a good one and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

The Zone Crew
Elder Coooooooooombs!!
The asado we ate today for P-day.
The Crew
ñoquis are these noodle type of things made out of potatoes
Bell Ville
Eating lunch with the one and only Hermana Delgado
The light posts with millions of bug!

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