Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey my computer wouldn't let me sign in for a bit so I only have a sec to send so here is a groupy.
This week was pretty full. We went to Córdoba Monday and spent it with presidente and the crew and then in the afternoon we played some fütbol, osea soccer, and then at night we headed back to Bellville. We had about an hour in the terminal and we found good ol subway haha not the same but it's still subway. 

During the week we had to plan the Zone meeting and Friday we had it. After the reunion we had intercambios and I went with an elder to Villa Maria and "Thad" stayed in the area with the other elder to do an interview. Gabriel and Walter both were gunna get baptized but I guess Walter's mom was kinda ify about it. She is less active and I think that kinda makes her double think it.

Gabriel got baptized and Walter will get baptized this next Saturday. This week we will go to Córdoba again for a zone conference. Elder Hansen and I have to give a capacitacion to like a third of the mission so we will see how it goes. 

Glad to hear everyone is doing good. If not.... suck it up ha wasn't meant to be easy and love you all.

Elder Lindsay 

President and Sister Alliaud

It's a long story.

I can spin a football. Impressive?

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