Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

This week we planned for the Zone meeting Thursday and got everything ready for lunch and everything. Thursday we had everyone here in the zone. After our capacitation, we ate some tacos and then everyone left to there areas.

Oh yeah freak so Brady is super lucky. The girl Guadalupe that we gave a blessing to last Tuesday is still in a coma and they think that her brain isn't working. Just on a machine. Sad...

On a better note ULISES GOT BAPTISED. The three bros are members!! Got Elder Gomez to baptize him. Turned out pretty nice. The primary here is pretty strong ja super happy for people that fulfill their callings. Makes the church roll a lot smoother for sure. 

Funny story. My comp and I were heading to lunch on our bikes in this rainstorm. He was trying to cross behind me to get in front.  He isn't a biker type right. Yeah he clipped my back tire and hit the asphalt rolling through the water. Ha I stopped under a tree dying with laughter. Ha only broke his reflector and some pride ha love the kid. 

Everything is going good. Lots of stuff to do here. Lots of people that need the gospel and little time left so hey que trabajar.

Thanks for everything the last 2 years. Just keep it up for like 30 more days or however many I have left.

Love ya
Elder Lindsay

Baptism of Ulises

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