Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

Last week one is over....

This last week we spent trying to get everyone to baptize in the zone.. Really that was the whole last transfer but IT PAYED OFF!! The last weekend we had to baptize it was raining and super cold but we didn't care and we finally got the hermanas here a baptism. There were 3 that were gunna get baptized but in the end it was just my bud Nahuel. Love the little kid. On the way to a FHE the other day I asked if he was ready for his baptism (cause we were double on my bike) and he told me that he was kinda worried. I asked him why and he made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone. It was cause he didn't know how to read and was nervous they would make him read and he was trying hard to learn. I gave him a little picture book of the BOM and we read it together at church ha. Love the family.

Yesterday was the official last day of Presidente Alliaud... We went to Córdoba and had a little conference with the leaders and it was dope ha. Only 3 zones got to give an account of their work and we were one of them cause we got Zion.. That means that the whole zone baptized. After that me and Elder Bretón from the DR had to capacitate the new district leaders. Pretty cool stuff.

This morning we got back at like 2 in the morning and my comp Elder Gomez started throwing up cause he had drank too much coke hahaha. Yeah you're right it isn't funny. Anyways after we woke up we got a call that a member the night before had gotten in a wreck and wanted us to go to the hospital. We had to take some medicine to the sisters cause they got sick yesterday and then after made it to the hospital at like 11 and had to wait until 1 to give her a blessing. She is still unconscious and is in bad shape. She hit her head pretty good and yeah pray for Guadalupe Peralta. 

Also I have a buddy here in the mission that headed out this morning. His dad passed away about 3 days ago. I talked to him a bit and he is a super nice kid. Super sad to hear that but I seen him before I headed out of the mission home yesterday and fua.... Crazy stuff. Change of game from instead of just teaching about the gospel, having to put all of it practice. HOPE=GOSPEL

Anyways love you guys and hope you have a great week.

Elder Lindsay

President Ruben Alliaud

Nahuel's baptism

The Mission

hahahaha ight so I had to play doctor, this was a crazy cut and he might or might not have cried 

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