Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

This past week we went to Cordoba for the ZL meeting and then came back and had a pretty good week. We had to capacitate the zone Thursday and then in the night we went to Marcos Juáres for a few baptismal interviews. I interviewed a guy named Jorge. He is cool guy and will get baptized the 19th after church. He is 52 and lives with 2 of his little kids. They had a ton of energy but just when he wants to come back to Christ the missionaries found him. God knows us too well. 

We have been stressing a lot on baptisms this week and we put the goal to have every area with someone in the church with a date for baptism. Fasting is for real too. In the end there were 10 people in church, and 5 of them were ours here in Bell Ville but anyways 5 of the 6 areas had at least one person in the church and that is super rare. Ether 12... If you don't have faith read that. God works miracles for sure.

This week we will be going to Villa Maria tomorrow and then Wednesday to Marcos Juarez or Leones idk yet and yeah we have 6 or 7 people here of a family that are getting ready to get baptized so we need to figure out a time to get everything done. 

I think the mission will help for when I have a thousand things to do at home. Here we have a full agenda and then someone else calls and adds something else. When we went on intercambios to Villa Maria there is a guy named Pablo that only pays attention to the missionaries when I am there and so the missionaries dropped them a little and just passed me the number and I call them to help them out and the only thing that keeps Pablo from getting baptized is he isn't married and today his girl (less active member) called and said they are gunna get married.  They only need the birth certificate from her here in Bell Ville so we will get that out and they will get married in November... I won't be here but it will still be cool to see happen. 

Next week we go to Cordoba Monday.  We won't be emailing the same time. It's a special conference for President. Gunna be a rough one I can already tell but it's time. 

Love you guys a ton and I'll talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay

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