Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

We are officially on my last transfer.... Sucks

This morning we had to catch the bus at 4:00 and headed off to Córdoba. The bus took longer than usual and we had to get Elder Pryor off to the mission home cause he finished the mission. It's super hard to just know you are gunna be leaving friends around but I mean guess that's one reason the mission is dope. Pryor boy is a good friend and if you see him on Facebook in the next couple days give him a shout out for me. 

My new comp is Elder Gómez from Honduras. We were in the same district in Las Flores so I know him. He will be the elder that kills me.  (From mom:  The elder that kills them sends them home from their mission.  It does not have a literal meaning - don't panic. lol)

This week we should have 2 baptisms lined out. Last Saturday we went to see how the kids were and turns out their parents just up and left to a different city... Sucked cause I wanted to be in white with Elder Pryor. 

Sounds like Brady needs to come down to Argentina and learn to drive on the roads here. They drive offensively here instead of defensively and they hardly ever wreck. Hope he gets feeling better and I'll send some good words up above for him. 

Hope dad had a great father's day and he goes and gets lost now cause we will be able to find him. Let him know I love him and that he is for sure the biggest role model I have in life. Words can't explain or actions in the mission field but he deserves a lot. 

Love you mom and talk to you next week,
Elder Lindsay 

The last selfies with Elder Pryor

A pic of me and Elder Pryor that Elder Hansen drew
Elder Smith during our trip to Villa Maria
Cheese cake the Hermanas made.
New Companion Elder Gomez

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