Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 14, 2016

This week we spent pretty much traveling the whole time. We went to the Villa Maria Tuesday for the interview of Mariana and also an elder was sick there.  Wednesday we went to Leones for the district meeting of them and then Thursday we were in Cordoba. Friday and Saturday we stayed in Bell Ville. Those days we spend preparing the baptism and paying the rent and all that good stuff. This week we will baptize at least the two younger brothers of Brian Ojeda that got baptised this last week. 

This is officialy the last week of my comp Elder Pryor. Gunna miss the kid a ton.  He's a good friend and really hope I was able to leave the same impression with him. That means I'll be getting a new comp and starting my last 6 weeks in the mission. We just had a conference with President Alliaud and he will be leaving here in a few weeks and we get the new President Correa from Chile. Lots of changes but lots of great memories I've had up to this point. If there is one thing that has impacted me alot is that this isn't just for 2 years. Maybe I didn't catch it as fast as Pedro to leave my nets and follow him but I know that's what I need to do. For sure if there needs to be something God needs I don't want to be the one sitting there looking at others to see who will do it but just getting it done.
Thanks for everything and I'll talk to you next Monday. 


Elder Lindsay

Jorge is from Marcos Juárez
Mariana is from villa maria. Me and Elder Sosa found Mariana on intercambios and we put a baptismal date and.... she got baptised!!!!

Chillin in Cordoba for some legal work

Baptism of Brian. His two younger bros get baptized this coming Saturday.
Some of the original district from the MTC
Some of the original district from the MTC
Some of the crew from Catamarca

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