Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hola mother mía

   This week has been going good so far. We have the triplets, twins and another set of sisters set on date for the 26th. They are all really cool and would help out the church alot.  So pray for the little girls in Cruz del Eje.

   Today we are chilling in Capilla del Monte for p-day and tonight we will have a splash with all the elders here and have a sleep over.  Tomorrow we will have interviews with president. I left all of my stuff in the church so I can't send pictures today.  We had to pull a car off the road. I cheese graded the crud out of my hand but we helped a poor lady out so it's chill. There are alot of hippies here ha it's pretty dope.

  Tell Devin good job with the elk. Ha and if you guys get bored you could make some elk jerky and send me some. 

   Family sounds like they are doing pretty good. Missed out on the family party but thats ight lots more to come.

   We threw around a football all afternoon and I can't move my wrist. Been a while ha not like it used to be. Fun but im just older. Cause when I get drafted to the NFL I'll have to practice a little more. 

  Soldier Hallow was the worst race in the world ha but I liked it. I remember that race I was like the only one that ran varsity haha thought it was jipped cause I wasn't that fast but ended up doing pretty good for a white boy. 

  So last night my comp was pretty frustrated. He kinda just had a break down and didn't feel like he should be on the mission. He is a good elder just had his moment of not feeling the language alot and yeah got frusterated so I talked to him and now he is good and ready but just pray for him. Elder Willis. After we baptise he will feel better but untill then it'll be stressful. Just cause thats how satan rolls. 

  All is good here, it's super hot during the day already. I realised I have like 10 months and weeks left. Pretty crazy but I'm just trying to do the most good I can do and after I do what I can the Lord helps out with the rest. Pretty cool.

  But hey love you guys and talk to you next week mama

Elder Lindsay 

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