Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Blake's Home!!!

  Ha Holy Moses that's crazy.  Tell him hello for me. Good to hear he gotter done. You asked if I've learned something that will help me in life.... mom, everything in the mission helps you in life. I dont think there is one thing that doesn't help you in life, from waking up on time, to helping doubters get a testimony. There are so many little things and feelings that go on in the mission that you apply to everything. 

  This last week we got to go to La Falda and participate in the establishment of the Punilla District. It was super cool to be there and see the members getting called as District President and stuff. Made me look at my life and think what I was "willing" to be in life. I think everyone has the potential to be great things but the decisions we make take away from what we actually achieve. It was cool to see Brother Donoso from Capilla del Monte called as President. He's super spiritual and cool to be a part of.  When else will I get to be in Argentina when they form a district. Prolly never again! Glad I got that opportunity. 

  So yeah that was the cool for this week. We moved the baptisms to next week in between the sessions Saturday. We have 6 planned but we will see what we can do. Potential is 8. 

  Oh and the Park City cross country race was one of my favorite ones for sure. Ha it's super level and I got 3rd in the varsity race there. Ha lots of really skinny kids there is all I remember. But wishem' all good luck for me. 

Love ya all and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

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