Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Dear mother,

Conference was good here in Argentina. I didn't get to see the first session Saturday and missed some of the second because of Interviews. The triplets have their interviews and are planning on their baptisms this coming Saturday. Yohana was ready for her baptism but when she got there and changed she got nervous because all the people were there to watch conference.  She only wanted a few people so she got stage fright and didn't go through.   Now she feels ashamed ha but we said it's all good and she wants to get baptized with her cousin now so we are going with that now. 

The conference I watched was in English just cause they use big words and I mean I don't even know some of the words in English ja so I watched it in English.  I liked all the talks but the ones that got me the most were about mothers and also in the priesthood session a very simple message from the prophet about just Keeping the Commandments. Seeing the Prophet like that gave me chills and with that consejo I feel like nothing really matters if we just keep the commandments and live our lives the way God wants us to. It's frustrating here cause nooo one keeps even the love thyself stuff. It's a big blessing to be here and see the difference just keeping the commandments is in life. Makes Exaltation sound that much better.

For transfers we all stayed the same here in Cruz Del Eje. Elder Malta is going in Dean Funes and Elder Lubas will train a newby so that's the District. Ha Elder Lubas is a cool, crazy, but cool Brasileda. I am learning a little Portuguese now, I have a BOM in port. so I will see if I can get 3 languages out of the mission ha. 

Well everything is going good, ready for 6 more weeks here and then I might be out so it's just gunna be hitting the grind and following the angels seeds.

Love you guys and hope all is good.
Elder Lindsay 

a big alfajor I bought from a poor old lady

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