Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Buen Día Mamá
So first I'll share the spiritual things this week.  

Probably the biggest miracle this week was with Cilvia Romero. She is an investigator that we have that wants to be a member but isn't married yet. She is with a guy named Cacho that is just like the guy off of Taken just older ha but he is cool. He gave us fish about two weeks ago that he caught at this lake close to Cruz del Eje. They have a 14 year old daughter named Marisol that wants to be Mormon too but it's dumb cause her mom says she has to finish this thing in the Catholic Church first.   But we are talking about that. Anyways we stopped by a couple times this week to see why they didn't make it to church and every time Marisol answered the door and said her mom was in the hospital to get meds. And finally we passed by Saturday in the afternoon and Cacho answered the door and said she was in bed and had problems with her heart and to walk or do anything hurt her chest really bad so she can't make it out of the house. I asked if he wanted us to give her a blessing and he said sure.  Then Cilvia came to the front room. We explained what it was and then I gave her a blessing and after explained that if she was faithful and showed her faith by her works God can work miracles and stuff.  Then we read a couple scriptures and sang the Spirit of God (because they wanted to know how to sing in the new hymn book we gave them).  While talking she got this really puzzled look on her face and was rubbing her chest and then she said " Chicos... Sabe que?" ha and I said " Que?" In reply she answered. " No tengo ese dolor en mi pecho." or in other words I don't have this pain in my chest anymore... Ha God is awesome! But yeah she was healed and now is a ful learning and stuff. 

Other stuff happened too.  We had an activity in the church and played some soccer and found a bunch of people progressing but Cilvia was the most spiritual thing this week I'd say.

Sounds like the family is doing good. School is back up so I'm sure you will all be pretty busy.  Love you peeps and I'll be cooking in the sun here..... Super hot, it sucks ha but the work is awesome. 

Love you and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Companion Elder Willis from Tuscon, Arizona
Found a light saber while cleaning the pension.  Nice
My companions powers 

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