Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Well the eventfulness that your week lacked mine had haha.

Last Tuesday we went to Cordoba to a zone meeting.  Haha this might sound unlike me but I led two special musicals. I got to the mission not knowing anything and looked super dumb but hey like ol' Ether says the things weak will become strong. I always led cause people thought it was funny to watch me struggle but when they asked who would lead I offered hahaha. I could lead the Tabernacle Choir now.  It's as if the wings of the angles have sprouted there forth and the celestial choir has accepted me as one of there's. But yeah that's what went down there. I got to see a bunch of friends there, and my hijo Elder Amado.

Saturday we had a talent show here in the church. I ended doing a little skit called pimpinela and also a rootin tooting cowboy howdown. Elder Muños from Nicaragua likes country but was scared to do it alone so I talked the other elders into doing a little jigg with us. 

Sunday it rained pretty good. Not very many people made it to church. Kinda makes me feel bad of how blessed we are in the states. We get in our car, drive to the church and have like 10 seconds in the rain. Almost no one here has a car so they have to either walk in the rain or wait for bus in the rain and then walk. But yeah this week was more inviting and getting people excited for the talent show and then when it comes to salvation no one arrived. Hard at times but if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth salvation.

Love you guys hope everything goes good and ill talk to you next week.

Elder Lindsay 

With President Ruben Alliaud

Beautiful Argentian Sunset

Sweet shirt trade!

Trying to make permanent wrinkles. lol 

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