Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

With regards to facebook friends for you mom, no I haven't found you any.  Mostly cause I haven't been looking. The only reason the other areas had friends is cause they asked me but we have been a ful this week.  I think I was in my own area 2 days and even then it was inviting people to the church. So yeah sorry but if someone asks I'll let them know. 

The members are cool here.  They said I remind them are this elder that was here years ago and was a "capo" so I guess they like me a little.  Ha their kids do.  Especially after the talent show haha but I feel pretty special.  We have been talking to this lady (a member) to have her twins baptized and finally we got her to get going with it.  We had a friend of there's from Cordoba come out and baptize her twins and then she asked if me and my comp would confirm them. So that's what happened yesterday. The mom is really mean to her kids and their dad isn't a member.  Their parents aren't married and he has a bad back so I have been offering services.  He has opened up to us alot so maybe we can get them going. I just feel bad for the kids cause the mom calls them filthy cows and a bunch of other stuff that kids don't need to be called when they pretty much live as servants for there parents. There is a kid named Luciano that gets beat a lot.  He is a big kid but is 11 and yesterday his sister, who cooked lunch after the baptism, while we were eating they were talking about how Luciano knows how to make home made pizza. It's pretty sad.  He is 11! Mom I was playing basketball, football, baseball, video games and just chilling with friends. It's pretty hard sometimes to see them like that but it means alot to get to help them. Impactful. 

But yeah that's just one family.  And yes I can take a normal picture.  I usually take two, one normal and one pretty haha.

And with feeling the spirit... I couldn't have told you if I had felt the spirit before the mission but here in the mission you understand what the spirit is. The closer you get to becoming like Christ the more you feel the Spirit. I'd say yeah pretty much anything you do to try to help someone you feel the spirit.  You just need to realize it's the spirit and not us but yeah you can feel the spirit when teaching for shizzle.

Well that's the questions ha that'll prolly do it for this email. This week was crazy but this next week we will be working in the area so should be a little calmer. We have transfers next Monday so I'll let you know how it goes.

Love you guys.  Hope all is well and say hello to everyone for me.

Elder Lindsay 

I dropped my Bible and I'm having a hard time getting it back into my bag. 

My awesome companion made me breakfast.

One Year Mark surprise party with an ice cream cake.  
We got to the apartment and had to go down stairs to grab something from the kiosco and when we got back Sister Martinez had made me a cake and sign. Ha she had made it in like 5 min haha incredibly fast. We live on the third flour btw she lives on the second and the kiosco is the first floor.

Before I cleaned the baptismal font.


The sign Sister Martinez put on our door for Day of the Child ha yeah we don't have that holiday  
Taira's brothers
The friend of the little girl that got baptized.  Her friend got baptized Thursday so Tuesday I did her interview.

The kids at their baptism
With their family
Zone Conference
Touring the farm - the kids had my camera.
A canal we dug for water
Digging up a tree to move it.
Digging out a sliver

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