Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Dear mother,

This last week was pretty crazy.....  So Wednesday night the missionaries from La Rioja called us and asked us where we were. Ha we had no idea what they were talking about but it turns out we had to do tramites in La Rioja Thursday. So we left our pension at 3 in the morning to go to the terminal and then we left for La Rioja. When I woke up we were passing these cars in a big race called Dakar. It's a race they have every year here that goes through Argentina, Chile, and Peru. It's dope, look it up ha. Also we spent all of Thursday doing the legal stuff and then spent the night in a HOTEL!!  It was super cool. Then in the morning we went and did some more stuff. They thought I only had to renew my DNI BUT! Turns out I was suppose to be doing all the paperwork like the others there haha so they will prolly be calling some time soon to get me legal. Cause I'm super illegal right now. The other picture is of some of the kids waiting for tramites.

We got to ride on the bed seats on the bus ride back ;) Saturday morning after we got back we had a service in the church with bishop and his family cleaning the church. Holy moses it is dirty. It was pretty much me and my comp cleaning but I sent the little kids on a bug hunt and whoever found the most dead or alive bugs in the chruch won. Ha each bug alive or dead, depending on its size, got a score and the first to 500 won an alfajor. They didn't make it to 500 so they didn't get anything ha but they did find like scorpions and stuff.

After the Activity we went and ate in the pension. Hermana Rita was sick to the stomach but she sent us empanadas. She is the best!  After, we had to go and look for the keys from bishop for the activity we have on Saturdays and inviting some people. Then we went to set up for the activity. We opened the church and went to buy a few drinks and when we were buying the kiosco lady told us that the other day when we were gone someone was trying to break into the chruch where we have the goals stored and the police and people came. So when we were walking back to the church I was kinda keeping my eye out to see who lived around that could have done it.  When we got to the church it was full of kids. haha I thought it was the kids that tried to rob in there but they came with a member we reactivated. We played soccer, ping pong and watched a church movie.  The guy we were reactivating´s wife came with like 4 other little girls and they were like, hey when you gunna finish cleaning the church. We told her Sunday in the morning we would have to come in and she was like well let's just do it now. So she, with her kids, started cleaning the church!! Then she came Sunday! Ha and I had to lead music again Sunday.

After church we went and ate with Dora. She lives alone around the pension and then after I bought a big bible for a member that her husband is in a vegetable state and can't move. She can't see very good so I got her a big bible and some hymns. Cool stuff to see them reactivating too.

Sunday night we stayed in the pension of the other elders. Elder Peterson and his son Elder Smith. In the morning I cut his hair and we went to the church. Played soccer, ate tacos, and then had a splash. Thats when all the elders from the zone go to one area to work. During the splash I was with Elder Quary from Canada and I get a call...... it said. Presidete........ Ha I was freaking out a little and he told me that I would be going from one area to the other of the mission. Ha and I would be ZL.  So I had to pack my bags in 2 hours and leave at 12:30 AM. I got to cordoba this morning and went to the asistents pension and now I will be heading to Belvile... Ha crazy stuff. But I'm pretty sad to leave that area.

Love you guys, this is getting long. I hope everyone is okay and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

PS my new comp is Elder Campello from Brazil and he ends here in 3 weeks haha so I have 3 weeks to learn the area and how to be a ZL haha que caaaaaaaaapo no?

Service Project Before
Service Project After
Intercambio with Elder Peterson
Dakar Race
Hotel Fun
Leaving La Rioja
La Rioja
Big dog of a convert

I found this map online just so we have an idea where Elder Lindsay was transferred to.

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