Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15, 2015

Sup Family.

Mis queridos.

This week voló pero mal.

We had the baptisms of Luciana this last week. It was sad cause the kids didn't get to get baptized with her. They all kinda got scared at the last minute and didn't end up going through. But when they seen their mom get baptized they all wanted to.   So this weekend we will see a family there in the church making convenios. 
Also this last week David, the kid that was super into drugs didn't make it to church but his mom did. They have a date for the 19th that he won't make but at least I think if the mom will come to realize that she needs to be baptized too then she will do it. She only talks about him being a sinner and him needing to change.  It's hard to teach someone that doesn't want to be taught but thank goodness the Spirit helps us out. 

In total, Sunday night to Tuesday morning we road 20 hours 30 minutes on a bus to and from the Christmas Conference. It was awesome again.  I finally got to play some ball and threw around the ol pig skin. Missed that but also to see the buds. Ha Elder Coombs ran into a wall.  He has a huge goose egg now and also an Elder Church from my group broke his arm yesterday. Ha pretty crazy stuff but the best was listening to President talk. I was kinda sad thinking about the whole I'll prolly never be in a Christmas Conference listening to deep doctrine and laughing over contacting or daily planning. Gotta enjoy it while it's here. 

Hope everyone is doing good and read some of Lucas 2 in the ol Bible. Jesus is awesome and hope everyone is safe for the holidays. 

Con mi amor 
Elder Lindsay-cito

The MTC Crew Back Together

(A few of the fun pictures sent from Rita)

The Crew

Luciana and her twins

MTC Crew

MTC Crew

Christmas Party

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