Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

Dear Mother

This week was pretty crazy. All the people that we had planned to come to church on Sunday and be baptized didn't happen. One by one they kinda failed. I think that's part of the plan. If we are in the house with a member ready to go to church or in a house with pan de banana... Satan still has his ways. 

We were talking with those twins that WERE gunna get baptized and one of them will get baptized this Saturday no matter what. But the other one is kinda scared and just when she was feeling good, her brother walks in and says. "Hey if you get baptized,  You're ugly"..... But we will keep helping them out. They are super cool.

We have been helping Anibal out this week. He fell back into his addiction and smoked marijuana cause he was stressed but this Sunday helped him out alot. He knows a bunch and seems more like a college professor than anything. But he is super cool and willing to change. We are talking with his mom Norma and we have a service with them tomorrow.
Super crazy that this will be my last Christmas in the mission. I miss Christmas at home but there is something special about here in the mission for Christmas. 

Hope Devin doesn't see Santa this year. I mean 16 years is alot but make sure he gets to bed. 

Love you guys and talk to you Friday!!!!!!!!!

Con amor
Elder Lindsay 

Elder Lindsay decided to not shave his stache one morning to see if his companion would notice.  Um Yeah, I think he did. lol

 Sleeping with the district and P-day playing soccer

Random Bugs and Lizards

Some fun pictures from our dear friend Rita

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