Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hola mother. 

This week went by pretty fast. In our ward there are about 3 leaders that assist and 2 that actually do stuff.  We spent this week looking for the leaders that are inactive.  Like the quorum of the elders president that doesn't go and talking to them and animating them to come to church and help them fulfill their callings. Also our bishop is less active so he pretty much gave us permission to run the ward haha.  We have been capacitating the members this week and planning an activity to get people going to church other that on Sundays. Lots of work but it makes me excited.  Idk why.  It is pretty sad but it's cool to see a change. 

This week we had 3 baptisms in the District. Noe and Noelia and then we baptised Anibal. All cool people coming from the world of drugs but they have all stopped now and have strong testimonies of the atonement.

Yesterday at church this lady told us she had a kid that is way into drugs and wants to change.  After around 4 we went over and seen what was up and he's this 19 year old kid that has all these scars on his arms.  Like prolly 50 that are big nasty looking things that he does when he is drugged.  His name is David Barrionuevo.  Pray for this kid.  We are gunna be passing by him to help him out. We talked to his buddies outside and we are in the gang now so well get to him ha. 

Lucianas cousin died Saturday night.  He was stabbed to death.  She was pretty hurt by that and didn't make it to church. We will be passing by this week to help her out too.  Pray for her.

There is a lot of potential here but we need to help the ward out first or no one will stay. We reactivated a family, Tula. They all came to church.  Well it's only a dad and his 2 kids BUT all the members kinda got a little light in their eyes to see we are bringing back old members so I hope they will catch a little fire.

Well that's a hint of what went on this week.

Love you guys and hope you don't freeze.  I won't when it's over 100 here.

Con mi amor

Elder Lindsay

Thank you to my friend Rita for the fun pictures of Elder Lindsay this week.

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