Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Transfers came and so I left. I am now in a different province. Catamarca in the area Ancasti. My new comp is Elder Campos.  Ha he is Elder Coombs' kid and I guess he asked for me to be his comp. So yeah now I'm in the hottest part of the mission. I will be black for sure after cause here in December and January it's the hottest time here.  I will be cooking. 

It was hard to leave the last area.  We did have a mean activity to say goodbye though. Ha even if I never felt any of the earthquakes, I will still always miss that area. BUT now here I feel like there is a lot more work to do with the members. It's a ward but it has less people than my last area.  We will see how it goes. Pension is nice.  It was dirty when I got here but I cleaned it.  It only lacks a washer...... First area without a washer but the cold water showers are nice por lo menos. 

I honestly forgot about Tthanksgiving.  Prolly won't do anything.  Maybe just in the pension but Christmas will be this transfer too so I guess that's the one thing I have to look forward to. It's weird to think I have 15 months in now.  Doesn't feel like it. Cruz del Eje passed by very fast.  I think that is why but hey I love the mission. Lots of stuff to do here. It's just me, Elder Campos and two sisters in our district now. Oh and Elder Campos is from Chile. 

Love you guys and talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 

Our Mission Leader and his family
Elder Sparks sleeping

My haircuts


(He sent no words with this picture.  I do believe his next package will have Neosporin in it for sure.)

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