Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

What's going on?
Work, Work, Work.

That's prolly the most appropriate subject for this week cause we went ham!
I told dad it was kinda one of those half time gut checks that we always had to do and with a new comp with fire we are just going to town. This week we started looking for the escogidos and now we have 7 people on schedule for this next Sunday. For sure satan will be there but we will be working hard this week to make sure they can't back out ha. 

Pray for Luciana, Pia, Pilar, and Gabriel. Luciana was at shurch yesterday and her twins Pia and Pilar love us. She has another son Gabriel. They are all super nice and are progressing a fool right now. 
Also a guy that they thought was baptized but isn't named Hanibal.  He will be getting baptized and also Auristela is another and then two other people the Muños family. So yeah pray for them.

So crazy story. Sunday when we went to church I seen this truck and in the back it had like 8 huge dudes with guns and like swat gear. Anyways after church we were walking back to the pension and we seen a TON of people outside this corner and it had this drug bust car outside too and so we decided to walk by it. We saw a bunch of the people hanging there heads and other people crying and yeah idk what went down but yeah crazy election stuff. Maybe drugs and I'm positive someone passed away. But the craziest part about it.... Was that that was normal. Ha so yeah swat from Argentina don't have anything on the states but still sad to see stuff like that going down.

Hey love ya mom and hasta luego.
Elder Lindsay

Thank you to Rita for the fun pictures this week.

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