Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Sup Mother!!!

Anyways this week was pretty crazy in terms of traveling. I went to Dean Funes Wednesday to work with Elder Lubas the Brazilian and then got back in the morning early Thursday for a Zone meeting and then I had to go with Elder Aldas, my kid, to Cosquin and then when I got back Friday in the morning I went with Elder Southwick from Kanab and then Saturday in the morning I worked with my comp Elder Willis.  After lunch we had a branch meeting but we had a appt. so I went with Elder Días from Uruguay to visit this guy named Alex from Columbia. In the end we had 7 people that promised to go to church with us the next day. Yohana and her sister Brenda. The old investigators, and Abigael, their friend. Also the Romero Family Silvia, Cacho, and the daughter Marisol. Also we taught a girl named Yanina that about a month ago her friend died and she was super sad so we taught her a little of the plan and then prophets and she was gunna go but NOBODY CAME!! It's super normal though for that to happen ha. This week there were elections for the mayor here in Cruz del Eje and they only vote on Sundays and they HAVE to vote. So Yanina slept in, Yohana was sick, and Abigael would only go if Yohana went and then the Familia Romero wasn't there..... It's frustrating but that's how the Sundays are here. Other than the ones that didn't come we had the triplets and their mom came.  The sister that didn't get baptized along with the mom have planned to get baptized after the activity we have planned at the lake.
Mission is going great! At least there are a lot of people interested. When I got here there were a lot of friends to the missionaries but I feel like now they have a lot of potential. I will prolly be leaving here next week for transfers but I'm not sure yet.  I hope I get to stay but I most likely won't... But at least I have lots of friends in Cruz del Eje. Mission is awesome. Passing by too fast but gotta make it worth it. 

Love you guys.  Hope everyone is all right and talk to you next week. If I stay it will be about the same time, if not I will be in transfers. 

Con amor 
Elder Lindsay 

It's been a little rainy

Intercambios with Elder Lubas

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