Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 3, 2016

Hey mother

This last week was pretty interesting. Wednesday we went to Villa Maria and for the reunión de distrito de Elder Coombs and then came back.  The next day we went to Marcos Juarez in the evening for a baptismal interview with Santi.  Friday we had another baptism for the sisters here in Bell Ville and then Saturday in the morning we had a service cleaning the church.  After we ate, then we had to hurry and change cause at 2 I had to go to Villa Maria for choir while my comp stayed back in Bell Ville with our mission leader to set up the baptism of Juan and our baptism of Immanuel. Then right when we got back from choir I had to hurry over and start the baptisms. Sunday night we had to also travel to Córdoba for concilio (counsil). We got to the mission home at about 12:30 and we talked it up with some of the old mission buds for a little bit and hit the hay. I was sleeping on the crack of two mattresses and when I woke I was on the floor ha.
  Concilio was pretty cool. Pres answered one of my questions and my team destroyed in soccer haha so I mean ended alright. We ended up getting home at 12:30 last night and this morning we had to clean up Elena Delgados jardín (garden). 
  This weekend will be pretty crazy. We have to go the Marcos Juarez tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday to Villa Maria. Also Saturday we have to call the zone and let them know what is going down with transfers so everyone will be crazy busy ha. Love the mission. Too much going on right now though.  It's flying by. Hope everyone is doing good at home and I'll talk to you this Sunday.

Con amor 
Elder Lindsay

The little kid in the red got baptised.  His name is Santiago.
Two of the people in the choir thought they could move the tree in the pot.
The Choir Trip
The two peeps that we baptized here in Bell Ville last Saturday.
Elena Delgado, we did a service for her this morning and then she made us some home made noodles. she is one of the mothers to the missionaries here.

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