Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey good to hear from you!

Freaking awesome to hear about Ryan and Amanda's 3 stoodges :).  That's awesome they are at that stage in life ain't it? It's crazy how the church is so true.  I thought I would like hit a point where I would know and I would get surprised with the miracles that God works right? Freak no! Holy Moses, Every time I read and study the scriptures. Yeah there are so many little things we miss that just make it more and more true. Ha makes me excited to study a fül when I get back. Ha well I will try anyways.

Man we had a really good lesson with this less active member named Elsa Bustos. She is awesome and knows the church is true.  She committed to going to church, but like everyone else... Didn't go ha.  That's okay.  Not the first time that's happened.  I would have been surprised if she went but hey don't ever go inactive okay? The mission is hard enough with the active members ight. No everyone here in Almafuerte is super nice.  We went to this nice restaurant place and there was this girl that asked if we were mormons and that was all.  Later I went and asked if she had talked to some mormons or something before.  She said her ex boyfriend was a mormon ha so yeah be a good example for the world cause they are watching. They will make the judgment from one person and if that person happens to be you... what would they think right? 

Yeah well shoot hope everything is going good at home.  Sounds like it is pretty cold right now at home. Enjoy it!  You can always layer up.  You can only take so much off.  Especially as a missionary eh?  But hey love you all and grandma! If you are reading this thanks a ton for the bday money! I might splurge with that this week ha. And so far no pkg but hey don't worry about it. Transfers are in two weeks.  If you've heard anything from or about Kyle, Ethan Tony or Tathan, everyone that was or is going out, if you talk to any of their parents let them know I say hello.

Hey love you all and church is so freaking true its crazy.
Elder Lindsay 10

What a good son.  Takes a selfie just so I can see that he's doing well. :)
Argentina clouds.
And Elder Curtis gives a great tour of their new pencion.

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