Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015


Weeks been good. 

So a lot of stuff has happened.  We messed up an asado one day and then a banana bread another day, BUT!! Ha we redeemed ourselves a few days later.  Aw man I will be a pro asado cooker for sure after, ha that was one of the tastiest things I've ever had. But yeah then a banana bread that would have made you proud too.  The members liked it too so we are getting our cooking down here. 

Sounds like the streets are closing down here pretty soon, or at least they should if Devin is driving. Tell Dave to stay awake.  He always fell asleep with me driving.  It probably won't be the same with Dev. But hope he passes 

Ha man what is Devin trying to do take my spot?  No he always has got what he wants.  He doesn't need to give the freaking puppy dog eyes to get what he wants.  He's the baby so it's different.

So for now we are focusing on making the menos activo members here more active.  It's cool getting to know the members here.  They have some strong testimonies. Sunday I had to give my first actually talk about how we can rescue the members that are in the church. 

So that's where the work is at here.  The less active people. We have like 5 investigators right now too and they are interested in the whole church stuff.  So we will get to working on them. The temple here is really helping people realize they have an eternal possibility. Gets me excited to think about that myself and how small this life is. 

Hope your knee is okay.  I'd say check the ankle out too but we need the barometer thing to tell when storms are coming haha. Cuff Devin for me once in a while. Try to light a fire behind him to get him running faster. Be cool to see him do good at state. 

So I'm pretty good health wise.  Not near as bad as I was and improving, so yeah just stay healthy at home.  Good to here from you guys again. 

Love you and be safe
Elder Lindsay 

PS Ill be in Cordoba this Thursday for a conference, so maybe I'll get another package or something, I'll let you know next Monday.

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