Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey my loving family!

So as of right now we are still living in Río Tercero but everyday we take a bus to Almafuerte and back. They are suppose to move us to Almafuerte here in the next week or so but idk.  It just depends on how ambitious the Elder is that is in charge of moving us, could be another long while. But we have been working in Almafuerte in the afternoons.  We've just been visiting all the less active members. There are some really cool people there that loved the missionaries when they used to live there so I guess it should be pretty nice. 

Freak it's super crazy! The branch president told me and Elder Curtis that we would be his councilors..... Holy crap ha I went from barely having a testimony to having to be a councilor?!? It really is pretty cool how if you put your mind to the gospel how much Heavenly Father works on you. I've learned more about the gospel and church than I prolly would have in 20 years.  That's like in 6 months so maybe I'll know something when I get back ha. But yeah that's where we are at with Almafuerte.  Just visiting the members that are there.  There were 10 people that went to church this week.... Ha yeah and a few are crazy but hey love them. It will be a hard area for sure but we will get it done. 

My new comp, Elder Curtis, is from Springville, Utah with 18 months in the mission. We get along and are chill with each other so this will be a good transfer.  This is his first time being district leader so yeah pretty intense for him.  I've just been trying to help him out and make it the best for him. HAHA ight so here is a story, yesterday after church we went and ate at the president's house.  After my comp really wasn't talking too much.  I guess he was like super sick and stuff and so he was like, I need to go to the pension.  I don't feel very good.  I was like like how not good? "Like I need to throw up". So we started walking back to the terminal and I was like "still gotta throw up?"
Me "Bad?"
E.C. "Yeah"
me "like how bad"
E.C. "Pretty bad"
Ha and now like 1 minute later he freaking puked his guts out.. PS I'm prolly the worse comp in the world. But yeah it was pretty bad.  I thought he was gunna die. But learned my lesson, ha when he is sick... He is sick. But yeah that's what happened yesterday and early.

Hope everyone in the family is doing good, I'm at about 6 months here in a week and feels like I have been in the mission for about a week. Crazy how short it is. 

Oh this Wednesday we have a zone meeting in Río Cuarto so I might get a package.  I heard there was some waiting for me so yeah pretty pumped. 

Ight that's it. I'll send some pics.  Love you all and hope you have a good week.  Get a shock collar for Devin and every time he doesn't shoot the ball push the button.  Ha I'd pay money to watch that haha. Ight that's it now 

Love you and chau.
Elder Lindsay 10
As handsome as ever.  He loves his ice cream in Argentina. 

Love this Missionary.

This is the first picture he sent today.  He said "I think I forgot how to smile."  I'd say.  Actually this is what I usually got at family picture time.  He still cracks me up 6000 miles away.

TWO of the BEST missionaries in the WORLD!!!

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