Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16, 2015 (Dad's letter)

Hola papa dude,

So our pension doesn't have warm or cold water.  It's just water, so the bidet isn't that bad.  It was weird at first but now it's like the best thing ever.  I was worried it would clean but haha man does it clean ha.

It's super awesome being in the mission and learning all this stuff now.  They say a mission is equal to 70 years of normal scripture study so that's cool. Makes you look at the big picture.  Don't be telling me you're  having your mid live crisis ha.  My comp just had his quarter life crisis. But hey I know you're on the right path so keep it up. 

Almafuerte is a lot more calm then even Rio Tercero.  It's pretty crazy how different they are. Everyone here is nice too. So after we get going with the investigators we will have a good go. 

And yeah the sinus infection is like gone so I'll be ight. Ha I've just been taking some allergy stuff and that could be helping idk. 

Keep after Devin.  You were the only reason I turned out how I did.  So you can do the same with him.  Just need to show him what he can do. Some times low confidence can make an athlete if that's what he has, at least a smart athlete.  He just needs drive. 

Well hope everything is going good. We are all good here. Crazy I have been gone 6 months ha I'll be home before we know it.

Elder Lindsay 

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