Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Hola mi mama mio

Hey crew!

So today we went to Córdoba for transfers. Turns out I'm opening the area Almafuerte with Elder Curtis. He is my new comp from Springfield, UT. Ha I think that's where anyways. But yeah Almafuerte is like 30 min west of Rio Tercero.  So ill be there for the next 6 weeks at least. Well serving there ha we are still living in Rio Tercero for now.  We will take a bus to Almafuerte everyday for a little while. I don't have any pictures of the comp but I'll be sure to get some, he has 18 months into the mission. (fun fact).

It was pretty crazy to see O´Hanley go. He was super trunky and stuff but hey I'll prolly be the same way.  Tight now it's way above my head to even think what it would be like to even have a year into the mission. Still just a little baby.  But hey hopefully I'll grow up. This last week with Elder O'Hanley we had some pretty cool stuff. We had another lesson with Julio and said I was going to be leaving and stuff.  He was about to break down in tears. It will be hard to leave Rio Tercero for sure. We passed by a bunch of our investigators and let them know what was happening.  It's really crazy how much you get to love the people. Like with Julio, seeing him smiling is the funnest thing ever and then seeing him being humbled by God.  That's one of the greatest things you can ask for as a missionary.  To watch God working on people. Gunna miss it here but wow the experiences that are waiting no? Ja makes me excited.

Thursday when we were heading to play soccer with the young mens, the ballers from the gym called us over when we passed and asked for a quick pick up game.  We went to 11 by ones and twos. Me and Elder O'Hanley won 13 to 10 and I had all 13 of the points ha ese fue maca-nudo (groovy) but yeah felt good to hit the gym again. Love it here even if it is a tough area. Lots of friends that I will be looking forward to chatting with later. 

Hope everything is going good at home.  I bought mom and dad's birthday presents from the mission. I might just only be bringing back one birthday for everyone idk. Hey I got your picture thing too mom. Oh and your idea about the temple thing, yeah that's pretty cool. Seeing pictures of the insides of other temples and stuff makes me want to too. But hey quipas one day you can come to the Cordoba one.  Now that would be cool. 

Bueno. Hey love you all and hope everyone is doing good. Hope to hear from you guys again next week.

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Lindsay 10 

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