Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dearest Mama ,

It was good to hear you got to talk with that family. They are the family I tried to get to talk to you when I first got here. Her son Fran (Fransisco) called me and was like "Hey John Cina.  We are talking to your mom right now!" Ha he is a pretty funny little dude. The family you talked to are pretty cool.  They have some problems with their marriage and some other stuff that I'll let you know about when I get home ha but they are cool. The empanada thing was the night of New Years.  Fran says his name is Rey Mastirio, and he calls me John Cina.  Those are wwe names.  Just ask Dev about them.  I'm sure he will know all about that.  

Babysitting! Ha what you think you are doing practicing being a grandma? No I wasn't implying anything about Dakoda and MaKayla haha.  Hey how are those two? Tell him to message me or something. Are they going to get married ?  That might be up in the air but tell him the "The Eagle Has Landed" Yeah idk what that means either. 

Ha tell my sister Ave she can just put off the wedding till I get back if she is frustrated about it being the same night as prom that will be good.  Actually make people put there priorities straight and go to my sister's wedding. Where and all that is she getting married?

When you say you are sending the valentine box it makes me realize how fast the mission is actually going.  Here in a month I'll hit 6 months and yeah. You feel like you're in a time machine, except not really ha maybe one that goes back in time hearing the gas prices are at $2. They could just do what they do here  and have cars that run off propane.... Yeah they do ha never heard of that before here, They say it's alot cheaper but it wears down the motor faster cause it burns dry and stuff but the cars that have it have a switch that they can switch from gas to propane so it gets a little moisture in there.

Julio.... We stopped by his house the other day like Saturday to see how he was doing and turns out the night we had football he went back to his house and drank a ton of wine and he was still smoking like 20 a day.  Not a ton to be smoking but he wasn't drinking anything before.  Then he didn't go to church. He has a very hard time paying attention so idk if he soaks anything in we say.

Tell Allen he needs to get a big dog if he wants them to live longer.  They are little dogs so they have little lives.  He needs like an english mastif, those things prolly live forever.

Let Rob know he's got my prayers.  Tell dad to stay off the ladders.  He prolly is a little more fragile in his shriveled state of shaq. 

Love everyone and love you bye.
Elder Lindsay 10

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