Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Okay so response first to all of your questions.

Today for pday we went to the church and played ping pong.  I'm getting pretty good at that.  Tired of winning ha. We just try to find whatever to do.  We clean stuff like the pench, but that's usually just me cleaning haha. But hey bugs, our penchion has cockroaches, spiders, and mosquitoes.  That's about it.  But lots. To dry our clothes we just take them out of the washer and hang them on the rack to dry. Then they go all hard and stuff and you shake them and stretch them to make them a little softer haha. It's not terrible but makes me sad not having comfy socks.  And yes until transfers in about 3 weeks I'll be with Elder O´Hanley. 

So story of this week. Or should I say MILAGRO!! So that kid that I said did lots of drugs and when we went to pick him up last Sunday and he said he couldn't cause he slept with a lady that night? Yeah well anyways, we passed by his house Saturday to ask him to go to church. Well turns out that one of his drugy buddies that morning had been going around the town and stealing stuff and bringing it to hide in his house.  Like a freaking moped!  But anyways he brought some clothes and tried burning all these clothes and stuff just cause he is a punk.  Anyways he got caught and got sent to prison.  He was 18! But that's just the friend of our investigator. When we got to his house we were talking to him and he told us that his buddy did that and was in prison.  

When we were getting ready to leave he called over his neighbor to come talk to us about what had happened and she flipped out on him and said he is a terrible guy and wont change.  She asked what was he doing when all that happened and he said sleeping.  She left and then came back with like 4 little kids that said his friend stole stuff from them.  She was like do you have the stuff of these kids in your house?  He said he didn't know.  So she just walked into the house and she found a backpack and some clothes of the kids and then they walked out back and found like a bunch of clothes that he had tried to burn but didn't burn all the way.  I guess it was there Christmas clothes and stuff.  This is all what his friend did ha ANYWAYS! that was just back ground.  After all of this commotion of people cussing him out and stuff I was like, hey Julio, bro this ain't you.  We know you're a good guy and can change.  You just got to change your friends and stuff right?  We said we would go and pick him up from church at 8:45 for church the next day and he said okay. (we were fasting to have people in the church btw) 

So we were heading to go pick him up and we get a call saying we have an investigator in church.  So we turned around and went to the church and lo and behold Julio was in church!! He came like 20 minutes early too. So That was freaking awesome! He plays soccer with us too on Thursdsays and is the first person we have had in church since I got here.  So that was awesome! We have lots of work with him still. He is 29 but I thought he was like 25 and his brain works like a 10 year old's.  He is fried but I feel bad cause both his parents died and he lives alone.  So yeah, pretty cool kid. 

Hey how bout that story? Hey love you all and hope the Basin doesn't freeze out.  Ha it's cooking here. 

Love you and cho
Elder Lindsay

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