Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey Motha,

So looks like Calan's socks belong in my collection.  No idk if I'll be a big sock addict when I get back.  I mean a nice pair of socks would be nice, ha but I won't be playing ball all the time or running track or throwing a pig skin.  Maybe if I try to play college ball, but idk I'd have to get better to do that.  I wasn't that good. 

Ha sounds like you are gunna be the babysitter of the town. You will need to make them some bacon wraps if they ever think that they don't feel your love.  That always helped me know you loved me ha. You would be like their new grandma. Good for you though thats cool. Just remember my kids will be your favorite of all time. 

Speaking of bacon wraps, sounds like Dakoda is pretty caught up in school. Sounds like he could use a couple. 

So this last week we had a super big storm that hit us. We had so much rain that it washed out all the roads in the one neighborhood. The road in one spot was down like 8 feet cause it washed all the dirt away... Then at our penchion we had water enter ha that was exciting. But the next day we had our exchanges with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Alanzo.  He is from Mexico and he was super fun to go out and work with.  I learned a ton. Ha idk but just blows my mind how the gospel changes lives and makes people realize what's actually going on. One thing that we are doing in this mission is called plan pilot. It's to help us work with members more and have stronger wards and better conversions. But we retain more, baptize more and reactivate more. Thats like the moto... But in Spanish.  We found a member named Paulo the other day and I was all talking to him, (cause my comp was too busy watching the TV that was on) but he is freaking awesome and I asked why he doesn't go to church.  He was saying he felt like he didn't belong in the Lord's house until he felt a little cleaner. I started to bajar la caña, Drop the cane, and helped him understand that the church is where you do that and feel better and so he came to church.  It ended up being super strong for him. He cried like the whole sacrament and after was like, wow the power of the word of God is undeniable. So just made me think of what that little nudge to help people start on there straight and narrow path. Lots of times I thought that people needed a great missionary to make a change in their live, turns out anyone can give that small invite, or that little suggestion to stop doing something. Some people here don't understand that smoking is bad and when you give an invite to stop. That might be the biggest impact they can receive. That's one thing I'll prolly change when I get back, just giving those little invites. To church or whatever it is.

This is the last week of this transfer and Saturday we will get the call. I've heard that there will be some big changes here in Rio Tercero.  They will open up Alma Fuerte to have full-time missionaries and all that but idk what else.  I'll let you know next Monday maybe but I might be going. Love you all and hope everyone is doing good.

Elder Lindsay

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