Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hey Ma!

This week was the first week of the new transfer. My new comp is Elder Hansen from Idaho. He's a cool kid. Kinda like the 5A version of me.  Plays football, had a mullet, played basketball. Ha and every other thing too. 

We had a good week. We are working a lot with members. They are going to a lot of lessons with us and that doesn't happen often. The branch loves us and helps us out a lot. Ha we are practicing for a district choir that will go on it a few months. I think I'll be here, haha it's fun to learn to sing. Maybe I'll try out for Glee or something when I get back hahaha.

We went to Villa Maria and Villa Nueva this week for interviews. Mine turned out good but the one my comp went to wasn't there so only 2 baptisms this week.

Romina is super cool. She was lead to the church by an ex missionary boyfriend about 2 years ago. Ha ex ex I guess now. Her interview was cool. The spirit is awesome. Weird to think that I am acting as a representative of Christ to preform an interview. It's a real special thing.  At the same time it always makes you think of how it will be when it's actually Christ offering the interviews. Don't think there is much difference but we over look that a lot.

Got the two packages you sent. The Christmas one and the Valentine's one from Argentina. 

Still in the same area.
Walter, son of a less active family.
Soledad. Sister of Antonela, the recent convert
Luciana, 20 year old, old investigator.
Peñalba Family, friends of Flie Sosa, aka less active family.
Gabrial. Old investigator of 14 years 
Bruno and his sister Martina. 12 and 9 year olds, friends of Gabrial.
Selena, 14 year old grand daughter of a recent convert.
Alejandra and her son Hans, old investigators

Those are some of the bros we have. Pray for them.  They all are cool.

Love you and hope Valentine's went good. Thanks for letting me know what went down this week.

Talk to you next week.
Elder Lindsay 
Elder Lindsay and Elder Hansen
Giant Plant Leaves
Romina's Baptism Interview
Elder Hansen fixing my hog (It turned out ten times worse, haha and then we wrecked hahaha long story.)  

Ninja wall we found

The calm before the storm
Wild stallions we ride.  No, I just feed that white one.
The river that always floods the city around this time of year.
Elder Hansen
Elder Lindsay
I think they sell drugs on this corner haha.
Enos.. haha hes the devil but I love him

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