Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Sup fam.

Here in Bellville is pretty dope..

That's the best way to put the area so far. The members are super nice and I guess my talk made them accept me haha. The ward is the best ward I've had since I've got here. I was freaking out about the baptism last night cause we hadn't had a lot planned but it's cause the mission leader here does it and had everything ready. So it makes the work a lot easier when people fulfill their callings. Just helped me see that the church is like a body and works well when all the leaders are fulfilling their callings the church progresses a lot faster.

This week we went to Leones and helped the hermanas there find some news and animate them a little more. We had a meeting with the district presidente. Some super spiritual lessons with Antonela. Also i broke my leg.... No jk haha that would suck. But those were the main things that happened this week. 

Tonight we will go to Cordoba for concilio tomorrow. I think a 70 is here from Buenos Aires so maybe something cool will happen. 

Also I ate huevos de un buey.. look it up.. and intestines. (mom here-looked it up- eggs of an ox.  I should not have looked it up. haha)

Sorry this is short, love you guys and have a great week.
Elder Lindsay 

Juan's brother that made us an asado.... haha that day I ate cow testicles and intestines... yes testicles. If you didn't know the meat is soft, almost like butter haha  
Juan when we helped him prepare his talk 

Señor Bautismo 
Baptism Day
Baptism Day

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